Nearly all of our training area and field locations are from I-8 and south by the eastern border of the reservation.  And of course, our border and desert security extend all the way to the border.

The type of training you can expect to receive ranges from beginner to advanced rifle and pistol work.  Small unit military tactics. Move, shoot, and communicate skills. Basic bushcraft and survivalism.  Land nav and orienteering. Self-defense and some martial arts.  Along with medical training as well.


For our border and desert security and recon.  The days are long, and the nights can be even longer.  You will pack some weight, possibly face real dangers, and communicate with Border Patrol or various other LE.

You will be out in southern Arizona’s harshest weather conditions.  From 100+ degree days to the frigid nights of the winter months.

And somehow we find time to have a ton of fun as well.