We hope that this page helps you make a decision on whether or not to join and answers any questions that you may have.

How often do you train?  We work every other full weekend.  What that work is, depends on the time of year and who is available.

Are you a state defense force?  No..Arizona does not have an official or recognized state defense force.

What are the requirements for becoming a member?  A 3 month probation period (6 months max), not lawfully prohibited from owning a firearm, and a shortlist of gear requirements.

Do you charge for training?  No!  Not only is all of the training free, but it is the highest quality training than anywhere else.

Do you have membership dues?  No!  No dues, but all of your gas, ammo, food, etc.. are your responsibility.

Will this take up a lot of my time?  We are out every other weekend and maybe one or two 3-4 day outings per year.  It’s up to you to decide if that is a lot of time.

What kind of training will I get?  S.A.M. offers some of the most elite training offered in the state.  You will learn everything from military small unit tactics, hand to hand combat and martial arts, bushcraft and survivalism, and much more!  Just bring an open mind and a willingness to participate.

Do you patrol the border?  Yes.  There are a number of different groups that patrol the border regularly.  We also concentrate on the many areas that are known for illegal trafficking that are more inland from the border.

Do I have to have a truck?  It is highly suggested to have a vehicle with reasonable ground clearance for minor off-road traveling.