The Southern Arizona Militia welcomes men and women from all walks of life. Our focus is unity, brotherhood and to ensure that we are as prepared as possible for any event that may put the safety and liberties of our members (and families) in jeopardy.

We have a variety of members with a variety of skill sets. These skills range from military tactics, weapons handling, martial arts, bushcrafting and survivalism, emergency medical, navigation and map reading, prepping and much more.

We are involved in community activities, constitutional activism, and border security as well.

Every member of the S.A.M. has a voice! This is important to us. We believe that you can not have unity, cohesion, and loyalty if members feel like they are not being heard.

So if you are dedicated and looking for a serious, no BS, fun and tight knit group, the Southern Arizona Militia just might be the right place for you.

We recruit mainly from Phoenix to Tucson.